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Ashley Ballard & Tyler Tiffany — Minted

Ashley Ballard


Tyler Tiffany

Ashley Ballard and Tyler Tiffany

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

103 days until the big day!

Our Story

TJ and I first met each other almost 15 years ago through mutual friends. After years of knowing each other, we finally decided to start spending time together and 8 years ago we instantly bonded over our love for our furry companions; Lady & Bane. As we got to know each other more, we realized our bond was deeper than just a shared love for our dogs. We found ourselves drawn to each other in every way possible. Our shared interests, values, and love for each other grew stronger each day.

Now, we stand here as a couple, ready to start a new journey together as husband and wife. We are excited to share our love and happiness with our friends and family on our special day.

Thank you for being a part of our love story!